SCOD ( Speciality Consultant On Demand)


Manage the way you work on your enterprise - Hoist your performance to the next level.

The Specialized Consultants On-Demand (SCOD) team of Tech Mentee consists of the IT Staff consulting their services for many leading fortune 500 companies. Tackling the challenges that stop the growth, Tech Mentee is the best IT Training and placement consultancy in Atlanta, GA and USA besides offering unique and innovative solutions which are ideal and, on the other hand, consistent and reliable by installing a vendor management system for our clients' sourcing needs.

Techmentee has been the leading multinational IT consulting company addressing the dynamic needs of enterprises. Connect with our TECH's SCOD team specialized in guaranteed advanced resources supported by our TECH's Career Counseling and Recruitment Services (CCRS) division that continuously recruits the best consultants.


At Tech Mentee, we leverage the strategic IT roadmap that suits your business needs, align our tactics with your ideal objectives and consider the critical importance businesses behold for the futuristic development. Striving to be the best staffing agency Atlanta, GA, US, our CCRS division selects the right candidate before deploying them at any of our clients' projects. Tech Mentee TECH understands that the technical skill of our professionals is critical; hence we strive to make deliverability 100%.

With innovative technological solutions, we hand in supreme trademarks for better enterprise programming while acknowledging the best we can without wasting your time and resources. Seems exciting, doesn't it?