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Exploring those unfamiliar paths can expose you to great career-enhancing opportunities. But certainly, these kinds of experiences don't come often. Agree? That's why admissions to Techmentee are merit-based on a first-come and first-serve basis!

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    Applying for a course? Just register or sign up as per our guidelines to apply for our intuitive courses and join our webinar.

  • Apply

    Once you have successfully registered, our admission committee deliberately seeks all the necessary aspects to identify each applicant as an individual who can contribute, thrive and inspire others in challenging environments. It's highly crucial as we need to review numerous applications every month.

  • Enroll

    The journey to our intuitive programmes begins with a successful application! Just decide on one of the cities, internship industries and our program formats, and you will be invited to enrol. The places on our list are limited as they are allocated on a similar first-come and first-serve basis.

  • Evaluation

    Once you have enrolled, our career counsel experts will help you get through the corresponding stages. From helping you define your interests to completing the progress, an in-depth one-on-one discussion with our experts can help you gain access to the career foundation you are looking for!

  • Pre-Training

    Familiarise with the crucial phrases and topics before diving into the actual class material. As the course progresses, this assists learners in advancing to sophisticated thinking and lessens the cognitive burden.

  • Training

    With the comprehensive training program and weekly doubt session on the go, realize your dream of working abroad while enhancing your early career with industry-recognized world-class learning.

  • Mock Test

    After a successful training session comes a mock test! Techmentee experts well know about the important questions; thus, our extensively designed mock tests helps learners identify their core strengths & areas for improvement.

  • Grooming

    Crack your interviews effortlessly with Techmentee's grooming sessions. Including soft-skill training and exposure to mock interviews, our grooming sessions helps learners improve their tone-confidence and plant ethics, thus enhancing their overall personality.

  • Reference Check

    Our specialists review your profiles on social media sites and Company Pages to ensure that your information is current and professional. If there is any discrepancy, our experts will assist you out to correct it.

  • On Job Support

    Secured your dream job? Get on-the-job support from industry experts and be prompt! Our experts will diligently guide you unless you become an expert on your work.