Business Intelligence

Revolutionize your Business intelligence and data warehousing techniques as Tech Mentee proffers valuable insights and visibility to help you transform your crucial invoicing processes.

Equipped with technologies and services worth your needs, Techmentee enables businesses to leverage their most valuable corporate asset—enterprise information. We are the transformative IT solution that assists businesses to upscale in this booming digital shift by offering interactive experiences. Our experts strive to put the data beyond the imaginative insight and empower your business with the best solutions prescribed on BI and DW deliverables.
Being the best consultancy in Atlanta, GA, USA, Tech Mentee proffers an on-site technical assessment and development with certified business intelligence developers alongside secured top-class DW services and maintenance. This implies you get a plethora of technology skill sets with robust and scalable business solution monitoring, measuring and analyzing in a single go!

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Shortening the development & delivery cycle
Minimizing risk while maximizing your ROI
Planning deployments with comprehensive road maps
Starting small with a pilot to scale upward.

Replatform your on-premise services with Tech Mentee.

The services for BI and DW techniques offered by TechMentee can transform your business technologies into actionable insight. From designing a scalable strategy and assisting the outlay plan, you can maximize the value of your data and avail the most deliberated needs for good business performance. Being the best software company in Atlanta, GA, USA, the best enterprise data warehousing tools are always present in our magic box that simplify the complex data environment. Services we include are:

Document and image management
Data analysis and data modelling
Metadata management
Audit and Control Technology Architecture
Performance dashboard development

Analytic application