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Who are we?

Techmentee is the best training and placement agency in Atlanta, GA, USA creating immersive digital learning experiences for learners globally.

We help professionals and students get trained and upskill themselves with job-ready skills they must be needing to excel in their careers.

Besides offering various specializations, we also assist businesses with bespoke custom IT solutions through multiple practices and cutting-edge technologies. Our consultants are recognized for their technical capabilities and commitment to excellence, which has enabled us to establish a robust presence as the best software company in Atlanta, GA, USA, with offices essentially based in the US and India.

Providing rigorous online programs in numerous domains and corporate training through a practical approach, our curated courses help you go further by placing learning at the core.

Learn by performing with Techmentee!

What we believe in

Learning isn’t a privilege but the cause of individual progress. With the potential to transform the world to prosperity and even our lives, learning must never stop no matter where we are! That’s why to help you get access to quality learning, Techmentee, the best training and placement agency in Atlanta, GA, USA, is here with the best-in-class industry experts.

Our foundation is based on the promise that our learners’ best interests are of utmost significance.

What differentiates us from other online boot camps?

At Techmentee, we are helping individuals fast-forward their careers!

Have an immersive learning experience

Learn from practitioners bringing the best practices into sessions to make your learning experience immersive.

Structured guidance so that learning never stops

Constant learning support from experts and a like-minded community of peers to help you get ahead with learning.

Develop skills with applied learning

Get your hands on distinct real-world projects to master the skill of hands-on learning.

Get job-ready with top-quality curriculum.

Upscale yourself for real career growth with top-quality industry-specific academic curriculum.